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Doctor Clinics.com are only available online, in the USA, and were founded by CEO Rafael Miranda, PAC, MPAS, MBA, an advanced healthcare practitioner, specializing in preventative medicine for over 20 years. 

We consist of a team of doctor assistants online, that network through www.888ForDoctor.com, and we specialize in connecting you to the best online doctor service in the USA.  Unlike our online doctor competitors, we offer more lower costs and one-time payment health plans, that will help you save money and Call A Doctor For Free, again and again and again.  We do all the hard work to complete your registration for FREE, and we save you the headache and frustration with the application process.  

Our mission is to help you now, sign up now, and to see a doctor now…so you can get better now!

How can we offer the lowest prices for online healthcare?  Because we have the connections that allow us to give you the best deals, directly-to-consumer. Doctor Clinics.com and www.888ForDoctor.com are owned and operated by Healthy Checkup Insurance Services, LLC, a partner of Teledoc Health, the largest telemedicine service in the USA. 

Join now and our doctor assistants will sign you up for FREE, with the registration data that you provide at checkout.  We are open 24 hours to answer your call, or create your online doctor’s health account, nationwide.

  • Our services are only available in the USA.
  • Call the Best US Licensed Online Doctors, 24 hours.
  • An Online Doctor is available now in all states, nationwide!

Are you looking for a good online doctor and low cost healthcare online?   You found it!  

Ask a doctor any health question.  Maybe you feel something is wrong with you, and you just need to know right now…without waiting weeks for a doctor’s office, and paying for expensive health insurance fees.   With or without health insurance you need healthcare online to have an available doctor ready to take of you and your family’s basic healthcare needs.  With the current doctor shortage and increasing number of people in need of an available doctor, you will have guaranteed medical attention when you need it-24 hours.

Choose any of our low cost, online healthcare plans that are best for you and your family.  Good health is very important and you deserve to have immediate medical attention when you need it.  You just never know when you will need a doctor.  If you feel healthy now, or worry about getting sick in the future, get piece-of-mind knowing that you will always have an available, U.S. Doctor for 24 hours.  We lead in low cost Online Doctor Care and no one else offers our special offers to save you money.

Online healthcare is an alternative solution to expensive, traditional healthcare, or mandatory state health insurance.  Your health is important, and if you are like most people, you want to lower your healthcare costs.

Unlike other doctor’s, we believe that ONE doctor’s call is just NOT enough. To keep healthy, we want you to call a doctor back again, just to say how you are feeling after your first call, or to give you more answers for any new questions that you may have. 

Do you want to get your money’s worth?  Call A Doctor For Free again, and again and again!

A Doctor Assistant is ready to assist you now.  If you want to save money and get the best affordable healthcare service online, then sign up now at www.888ForDoctor.com or call us at 1-888-For Doctor.

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